gemma estrella

11:43 AM

hello, my name is gemma estrella..i'm alive (again)

gemma estrella is my alter ego, gemma means gems and estrella means star
so gemma estrella means the brightest gems that reflect the brightest star in this universe

what i wore
thrifted navy chain shirt/f21 purple tanktop/cottonink krey shawl in pacific/unbranded black legging/custom made white cage heels

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  1. in love with the thrifted navy chain shirt.
    nice, kak

  2. Hello Bethanny,
    Love your style!
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  3. i love your bangs! and the whole outfit was great!

  4. I love the name, gemma estrella, it's really beautiful. Cool look, btw..

  5. You look so cool in that outfit! I love your alter ego name.. everybody have alter ego :)

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