science of fear

4:17 PM

science of fear - the temper trap

there's a science to fear
it plagues my mind

that lead to nowhere
nowhere, nowhere

i'm sorry for lack of updates, i've been busy all over this weekend.
this beginning of fifth semester driving me crazy. guess what i've spent over 6-7 hours at the chinese library with my working group to finish our group homework from 1 p.m to 7 p.m
and oh god, seems like there's no tomorrow, tasks come to me over and over again.
pray me some luck for this semester. i hope i could through it all smoothly

what i wore
thrifted navy cardi.NN:02 linen shirt.thrifted bodycon skirt.unbranded belt.bag - gift from elco.unbranded sheer navy socks.retail therapy tassels clogs

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  1. cute.. love the tassels clogs from retail..
    yeah i'm being crazy too in beginning of fifth semester, but.. semangat puddo :D


  2. super nice look and totally drooling over your clogs <3


  3. lovely bag. where can I buy this one ? Sarah James Decorating Ideas

  4. outfit ke kampus kak? kereeen :D

    smooch, diva

  5. love love love the bow bag! <3

    have a good day..


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