girlfriends - lilou's holiday season '10

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have you heard about local brand named lilou?
lilou by Indonesian fashion designer, Dian Adriani Jusuf. talented designer who graduated from L'INSTITUT SUPERIEUR DES ARTS APLIQUÉES (LISAA), PARIS 2001-2004

LILOU invites you to rejoice the friendship within ourselves by
launching its Holiday Season 2010 Collection: “LES COPINETTES”. Les Copinettes [read : le kopinet] is derivedfrom the french term „les copines‟, which means girlfriends.

Inspired from how the designer, Dian Adriani Jusuf, spent her spare time with her girlfriends at her youngerage, this Holiday Season, LILOU then released “Les Copinettes”. She imagined her young character activitywith her girls, staying over at friends‟ houses, trying clothes, putting make-up, and dressing up like adults.Departing from that simple idea, Dian found also the importance to feel content and joyful within self, asmuch as with friends. She grew a bigger idea and this season's collection is more graceful, festive, andgirly. The collection is still easy to wear, commercial, affordable, playing with edgy cutting as LILOU's signature.
The difference of this collection than previous ones is Les Copinettes plays with more woven than jersey, asthis collection celebrates the elegance of the girls. The textured solid black fabrics of cotton, crepe, andwool peach, blend with detailed appliqué of chiffon, satin, and polka dot prints, are this collection's element keys.

LILOU is not just a clothing brand; it is also a little playground of the designer, dedicated for those who areyoung, trendy, and stylish. So have fun with your inner self, dress up with Les Copinettes, and radiate the best of you!

visit them here
or follow the on twitter @lilouplayground

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