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before you tuck in to my first long post, here's the reason why i did this. so last friday i was invited by Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, they hosting an event called " BUKA BARENG BLOGGER " to celebrating this year ramadhan. they already preparing many interesting events and promos for their guests. this year ramadhan event called "RAMADHAN RHAPSODY" that held from august 6th to sept 6th.

" BUKA BARENG BLOGGER " separate in 3 days in 3 different restaurants. and TAIRYO is the first hosting restaurant for " BUKA BARENG BLOGGER "

so they're selecting few bloggers to attend this event, and i'm so lucky to be the part of this event. the first "BUKA BARENG BLOGGER" was held last friday at TAIRYO Grand Indonesia west mall. well, before we move to something appealing first i'll give you a short description about TAIRYO.

TAIRYO is an all-you-can-eat-and-drink Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant.
this restaurant is originated from Shanghai,China established in 1995 with more than 80 outlets in China, now this all-you-can-eat-and-drink tepanyaki restaurant grow bigger than ever, they spread their wings to Jakarta,Indonesia. located in prestigious place--- GIST.

TAIRYO serve not only teppanyaki, but also another japanese signature dish such as sushi and sashimi. they have a powerful motto :

"For an endless supply of all menu items including drinks... You`ll stop before we do!"

and for God sake, that's true.

all bloggers tried TAIRYO special menu, such as
salmon sashimi, Mushroom Beef Roll, Onion Tongue, Gold Steak, French Lamb Chop, Garlic Sauce Oyster, Tairyo`s Sauced Cod Fish, Prawn Cutlet, Flank Bone, High Ribs, and the infamous dessert from TAIRYO --- Banana Flambe

the appetizers

"prawn salad w/ special Tairyo sauce"
the mix of light vegetables : red cabbage and ice berg lettuce combine with creamy nut sauce

"the prawn cutlet"
hell yeah! the juiciest prawn, covered with the crunchiness of bread crumbs deep fried and topped with mayonaise. heaven on earth

licking my fingers like many times! this appetizer goes very well with their blackpepper sauce.

up next....
Chef Abel gives us sashimi workshop. learn how to make a good tasty sashimi.
fyi, TAIRYO using the best salmon (norwegian salmon) for their sashimi. according to what Chef Abel said, norwegian salmon is the most juiciest salmon. the common "execution" for sashimi is using grated radish and soyu (japanese soy sauce)

what makes this dish so special??
freshly cut, in bite size, good quality ingredient.

introduce you to Chef Angga. he has working as Teppanyaki chef since 1998. expertise in making FIRE, yes FIRE :p

"mushroom beef roll and grilled US Flankbone"

"Garlic Sauce Oyster"

"french lamb chop"

"fried rice with garlic"

sizzling iron plate wohoooooo, smells good

"grilled chicken steak with garlic sauce"

see how juicy this meat and how tender the texture yummmyyy

sorry for the blurry picture, i'm not focusing on taking picture.
uber-cool Chef Angga ! salute

the infamous "banana flambe"
seriously guys this is to die for dessert! banana covered with bread crumb pan fried, topped with vanilla ice cream and ground cinnamon , supeeerbb

they currently having a good deal until September 2011, “all you can eat and drink” at TAIRYO only Rp 129.000
for lunch and 149.000 for dinner
(normal price for all you can eat and drink Rp 250.000)
so what are you waiting for, better hurry up than feel sorry

btw, thanks to GIST, multiply indonesia, Fimela.com, and of course TAIRYO for make us stop eating your good food. my tummy is fully-loaded.
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what i wore :

cotton.ink tallulah cape jacket/ de.cada.dia double layered cropped top / BAJU24.COM turquoise skirt / soubrette colorway luminarie necklace in mint / unbranded stachel beige brown bag / retail therapy tassels wedges

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  1. Suddenly I am starving :D I love your bag! ^^

    Nces ♥

  2. love the outfit
    you look great
    visit mine.thanks:)


  3. they look appealing :9 lovely outfits.



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