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On the previous post I’ve told you about the main advantage if you have ASUS Flare like me, yes…the “instant ON” feature. This netbook is my true savior when dealing with tight schedule and tasks that have to be done on time. i’ve been using this netbook for almost a month and there’s nothing to complain about, I think this is the perfect netbook I ever had so far :P

Since my favorite tv show the walking dead is airing again for their 2nd season, appearantly i have no time to watch it on my cable tv so i’ve downloaded the full episodes on the internet to my ASUS EeePC flare and decided to watch it on my netbook. At first I didn’t notice that my ASUS Flare has a HDMI feature *call me dumb :p*.
Fyi, HDMI feature allows us to watch a video with a HD quality on a bigger screen  another surprise right? When I connect the port to my flat screen tv, surprisingly
the quality of the video is beyond my imagination! Crystal clear view and there’s no such a bugging effect on the screen.

Yesterday I did a video presentation using the HDMI feature and it turns out to be the best presentation of the day *yayness* .
my client asked me about the advantages using ASUS Flare and they told me that they intend to buy the same netbook after I told them about the features that ASUS Flare has
and the other netbook don’t. poisoning people with the goodness is not a crime right? :P

almost forget to tell you reader, I joined ASUS Flare blogging competition and the winner of this competition will get free ASUS Flare netbook (sorry for being such a greedy girl mwehhehe)

if you interested to join please visit ASUS FACEBOOK PAGE

what I wore :
cachecache jacket/ F21 triple rings/ sheinside sailor theme puffy sweater/ H&M faux leather skirt/ retailtherapy Swedish hashbeens

sheinside offers you a coupon if you want to purchase some stuffs at their webstore
just add this coupon code “Bethanny20” when checkout

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  1. good sweater <3

  2. cute sweater!! :)

  3. nice shoes you got down there. and such a cool gadget. my brother has one too! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. love the sweater darl.. ketemuan yuk yuk =)


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