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sorry to keep you guys waiting for my latest outfit post. well the most reasonable reason is because i'm experiencing a sudden "lack of self-confidence" syndrome, i gained couple pounds and makes me feel like i'm drowning to the deep fat ocean.but here i am trying to build my confidence again. after i finish my bachelor degree end of this year, promise to myself i'll be back on my right track, go to gym regularly, eat properly and more active to post outfit to share with you readers :)

what i wore :
IVORY by ovi asymmetrical dual-tone jumpsuit / dorothy perkins - triple flower belt / dorothy perkins- turquoise clutch / tassels hasbeens - retailtherapy

another thing i want to share with you guys... my newest skin, i bought it last month at GARSKIN authorized seller. well, people sometimes get wrong about GARSKIN and other average skin,people always equate this two different things..fyi,GARSKIN is a brand name for the premium skin, not a name for "skin".
 so why GARSKIN? garskin made from the finest quality vinyl, even can stand of heating up to 70 C and easy to applicate ( remove and reuse, without leaving any mark). even you can customize your own skin using your own design of course. GARSKIN have a wide variety of design. suitable for any gadget, you named it! from apple to any kind of androids, or blackberry devices. that's why i prefer to buy the original skin like GARSKIN rather than other brand.

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  1. nice belt xx


  2. We already miss youu and don't worry you still look adorable and beautiful of course ;)

  3. it's okay to gain couple of pound as long as you can dress properly due to your current body shape and stay creative in mix and match em all :D you look fabulous as always! love the pants. fight for your college and stay happy :D


  4. it's fine, you still look great even you gain ur pounds, anyway, nice phone skin dear :)


  5. really love the duo tone jumpsuit!
    hope all is well with you
    and let's meet up if you have some free time ;)

    style frontier


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