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hi everyone! time for publish a new post :D
i'm obsessed with denim and sheer outfit lately, a friend told me that STACHE a new brand that focusing on modern stationary just launched their new product, a denim binder. this is not just an ordinary binder, with a card slots and a custom grider inside the binder gives you the perfect all in one stationary. no need to bring a pencil case!
what i have here is an indigo denim binder, and this binder looking so perfect :)

what i wore :
djody sheer salem shirt ( available at /thrifted two layered sleevless top/ de.cada.dia stripes 70s skirt/ stache binder / oscar lawallata espadrille wedge / rope necklace

besides sheer fabrics and denim, now i get addicted with Texas Hold'em poker,  hahaha kinda out of date but i found it really interesting. fyi, i publish this post while i'm busy playing poker game on facebook. sorry i need to catch my money back ( in virtual world of course) eheheh. well, see you around guys! 

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  1. super adore your necklace!


  2. wow , so pretty, beautiful dress and so lovely pics, amazing necklace.
    Parfum pas cher

  3. Your necklace is so quirky! Great :)

  4. you really have quirky fabulous and that's the real you XD

  5. Great necklace in this outfit!
    Wanna follow each other? I like your outfits and it would be great to keep in touch =)

  6. oh wow, that denim binder looks fantastic! it's so sleek! :)

    <3, Mimi

  7. i love this all! so, so cute! great blog girl, keep it up and look forward to reading more! :)

    love, rach.

  8. nice outfits :)
    would you give the link to buy that binder please :)

  9. Girl, you're pretty but I think you got yourself overlayered and it makes you full sorry :(
    Oh and at least iron your shirt before you take some pics, esp if you're a fashion blog icon :)

  10. Your blog is very useful for me,Thanks for your sharing.

    แตกใน xxx


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