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Hello kitty has always been my all time favorite cat character since I was a kid, This japan cartoon icon is the cutest cat I’ve ever seen in the world. When I heard SONY walkman featured this iconic bobtail cat, my heart bursting like crazy.. so exciting. So i managed to buy one last month and found out that this cute slim-design walkman has a lot features (fyi, this SONY E470 walkman is the slimmest Walkman ever that produced by SONY, it has a thickness of only 7mm)

designed for hello kitty and music lovers,this hello kitty walkman comes with case box (bento lunch box look-a-like), a wrist pouch, screen wipe and a dome skin. apart from its cute and quirky exterior this walkman’s features really mind-boggling. This walkman is loaded with many good features that pump out truly breath taking sound of the music, so loud and clear. This walkman includes four different clear audio technologies, VPT and dynamic normaliser by SONY

Guess what, it has the feature that i love the most = KARAOKE !! Yes, this Walkman device packed with karaoke mode and sync that allows us to experience the music in different way, once this feature activated, the mode will display the lyrics of the song that played, and let our voice be the hero of the day. Not only that, we can control the playlist based on our own mood, so the playlist will sorting the music based on the mood we choose.
I also can listen to my favorite playlist while enjoying playing the games like Puyo POP FEVER. The best thing that this Walkman can offer is its battery life-time that can last up to 36 hours playback. fyi,no need to worry to add a new song directly from Itunes because this walkman works seamlessly with Itunes :D yayyyy

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  1. Lovely blog :)


  2. Whoa! Hello Kitty is one of my fav!! Thanks for sharing this gadget :)

    crunchy cheese me

  3. a cutie. should get one for myself, especially over the karaoke feature. LOLs


  4. lovely packaging! :)


  5. ahhh Bethany!! ini cute bangett <3<3<3<3<3

  6. lucuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...



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