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I was invited to SAMSUNG ATIV BOOK 9 LITE launching event at luna negra, plaza bapindo last week and the presentation beyond my expectation ( food galore included :P ). The guest table is completed with a brand new ATIV BOOK 9 LITE, so every guest who came to the event can personally experience the features that SAMSUNG ATIV BOOK 9 LITE offer. 

By the way, let's begin to talk seriously about ATIV BOOK 9 LITE after a series of killer food pics

As I stated in my previous post about SAMSUNG ATIV BOOK 9 LITE, this gadget is already on my latest wishlist. Well.. the reason is just because I’m so amazed by everything on it! The thin and light-weight design a.k.a  beautiful intelligent design (1.44 kg and 16.9 mm thickness , the features ( 8” quick boot-up and 2” wake-up ), the quad core processor: the newest technology which can speed up our multitasking performance (psttt..quad core processor only available for SAMSUNG ATIV BOOK 9 LITE) even the amazing sidesync feature that allows us to do the work seamlessly from ATIV BOOK to other Samsung devices, you can do your job on your smartphone and transfer/sharing all the data to ATIV BOOK 9 LITE or vice versa  (cool huh?). upsss almost forget the up to 8hrs battery life will support our super hectic and busy day.

Another plus points : touch screen and seamless display, not to mention the ability to stretch 180 degrees just like a tab with keyboard.

The event going so well and talk-active with appearance from SAMSUNG ATIV BOOK 9 LITE brand ambassadors Ms. Marisckha Pruedence (anchor and travel blogger) and Mr. Alvin Tjitowirjo (interior designer of Colette lola). Lucky guests also get a chance to win ATIV BOOK and galaxy camera by join the sidesync games (JEALOUS!).

Di post sebelumnya udah gue mention  gadget impian yang sekarang udah masuk ke wishlist gadget pribadi. Nah, minggu kemarin tepat tanggag 29 agustus 2013 diadakan peluncuran perdana SAMSUNG ATIV BOOK 9 LITE di luna negra, plaza bapindo. Ngga seperti launch event pada umumnya, guest disuguhkan event launch yg sangat atraktif, apalagi guest berkesempatan untuk mencoba secara langsung ATIV BOOK 9 LITE.

Buat gue pribadi sebagai seorang fashion dan lifestyle blogger, ATIV BOOK 9 LITE merupakan sebuah gadget yang bukan cuma sebagai ikon penunjang mobilitas tp juga bisa jadi aksesoris fashion yang patut menjadi center of the attention.  Pertama kali menyentuh dan mencoba udah bisa dipastikan kalo gue benar-benar cinta pada pandangan pertama. 

Dari designnya yg slim dan stylish, sampe ability dan performance nya yang benar-benar diluar dugaan. Pantes jaman sekarang banyak orang yang bilang gadget akan meng up-grade penampilan, dan gue sangat setuju dengan pendapat itu.

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  1. nice post dear. Should try that laptop soon
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  2. Should try to looking for this laptop! Thanks for the review *u*
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