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For me blogging is something i find really hard to do and to keep up with. need to maintain all aspects from the content to audience. But still, i'm so glad and grateful that i've managed to come this far and i love what i do.

no need to overexpose my existance as an established fashion and beauty (personal style) blogger and let the audience attached personally with my blog. I'm not that cool and not that pretty plus i don't have any luxury brand to show you off. But then again.. I'm so glad for what and who i am now.

Many of you think that i buy everything, head-to-toe, pricey tag items straight from my parents wallet. Well the truth is ...most of the pricey items i bought them all with my own money, yes...the money that comes from blogging or working as a freelancer. Are you still judge me in different way?

Well, i consider myself as a lucky person, i live my life gratefully. Thanks for loyal readers out there for your sincere support and enormous love.


what i wore :
uniqlo heattech turtle neck/ multilayered sleeveless cropped top/ forever21 asymmetric skirt/ uniqlo knitted socks/ peeptoe boots/ zorra envelope clutch

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  1. Well, I do believe you got all these (including the pricey stuff) from your own effort and as one of your loyal reader (although I don't always comment on the blog :p) I'm proud with who you are now. Just keep going on do things you love and become even a better person for us to inspire. Love you and the blog!!


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