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I’ve just realized how lucky I am because Female Daily and Urban Icon asked me personally to participating on their bloggers gathering event at senayan city couple weeks ago.  Well, technically I was arriving a lil bit late for the event and can only took a couple shoots during the talk show ( too bad I missed your presentation matthew L ) and some of their new arrivals. But as one of Urban Icon’s customer, I already know some of their products including two new-comers on their store racks:  LIEBESKIND and OLIVIA HARRIS by JOY GRYSON.


Bet you already familiar with JOY GRYSON’s brand like IIIBeCa and GRYSON by JOY GRYSON, now Urban Icon as the exclusive dealer for JOY GRYSON brands in Indonesia gives us the new range of bags that we can choose from: OLIVIA HARRIS BY JOY GRYSON. And who doesn’t know Germany’s top notch snake skin bag brand LIEBESKIND? Yes, now you can find your favorite LIEBESKIND too on Urban Icon store and webstore.


Btw, I have my first IIIBeCa bag (I’ve post the picts on my previous posts and instagram) from Urban Icon and surprisingly a personalized goodie bag that I’ve got from the event is OLIVIA HARRIS by JOY GRYSON, well.. I guess I’m officially a fan of JOY GRYSON’s now. Other participants also got their own personalized goodie bag , my fellow blogger june paski got a new Michael Kors watch  and ChiChi got a IIIBeCa Bag (envy much??)

And for those who want to know more about the excitement of this fabulous event or our honest opinion and the brief introduction about the brands you can search @urbaniconstore @femaledaily #FDUrbanIcon via twitter, You’ll find the reasons why we love Urban Icon!

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