Pioneer FREEme : FREEdom for a style-conscious

11:59 PM

First thing that cross in mind when i see a Pioneer product is their high quality sound system. Almost everything from DJ equipment to car sound system, Pioneer always be the top choice for everyone.

Not long ago, Pioneer launched a series of portable bluetooth speaker with a new design..more elegant and lux. By combining the concept of urban sophistication and postmo chique..this time, Pioneer has caught many stylish people eyes and ears..

As a style-conscious person, with a high mobility this 100% real leather-coated FREEme portable bluetooth speaker surely become my stylish partner even it fits in my small handbag and perfectly match with my style. I got myself a pioneer XW-LF3-K portable bluetooth speaker (color black). First i tried it and place the portable speaker on my car dashboard, right after i connect my phone with portable speaker someone calling me and the handsfree calling mode suddenly appear on my smartphone, all i need to do is press the pick up button and voila i did a phone call "hands-free"

Be sure you watch my instagram video to know more about pioneer FREEme portable bluetooth speaker.

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  2. nice posting..


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