ASUS FonePad7: redefine my style

9:37 PM

This year marked as my 3rd year using ASUS Indonesia products.. From EeePC to Zenfone always surpass my expectation and demand. ASUS is known for their best performance to make daily activity roll smoothly.

I personally prefer ASUS products to be my daily companion..well, i started to use their EeePC back in 2011 and zenfone 4 in 2013..and last week i just got myself a new fonepad7 FE375 series. Why i'm so interested with their product and become their loyal user is simply because their intel technology never fails to support my activities and well this tablet only cost you around 2.200.000 rupiahs (quite cheap for a high performance phone tablet). Fyi, this FE375 series now equipped with 1GB Ram and better intel technology --> the mighty intel atom Z3530 quad core 65-bit processor that makes fonepad7 performance faster than the previous fonepad. This fonepad7 also able to support my multitasking behavior and make everything much easier for me...replying emails, watch drama, playing games...even make a call with two different numbers (my fonepad support 3G HSPA+ dual sim kkkk)

Need more info about Fonepad7 or other ASUS newest gadgets? Visit their facebook fan page here!

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