Leaping Year

11:21 PM

I must say this year is the most unproductive year of mine. Not necessarily because i just recently quit my job and become a jobless potato-couch for a month, I must say it's more because i feel too lazy to share and prefer another micro blogging platform and abandoned this blog who already raised me from nothing to someone. From this blog i learn something that not everyone could have. Not just learn new skills in social media and content writing, but also learn to make some new possible networking, learn to make new friends even learn to monetise my blog and make money from it.

I feel empty as i put this blog aside and more focus on my career path. Sometimes i need this blog to be my hideout from any frustrated work, social and relationship problem. I think was too long and too far wandering about life outside my blog. Like what Coldplay's the scientist lyric said, "...nobody say it was easy", Well to be honest, it is not easy to maintain my appearance in my blog..even i was struggling hard to post some outfit on my Instagram, all you could see nowadays is all about food, food and more food in my instagram feed. Everyone could mistaken me as food influencer now, hahahha. I must admit food is also my passion now..but then, i'm not considering to shifting my blogging preference to food blogging..i would say i will just stick to the place where i belong, someone who loves food and runs a personal style blog.

That's true, i only published several blog posts in this first quarter of 2016. Up until now i still managed to post one and end up pouring everything into one long post like this. Well, If someone could help me find my blogging passion who already missing since the beginning of this year i will really appreciate it *sobbing*

I would say, maintain a blog is not easy as it seems nowadays. There's a lot of new sharing mediums that allows us to save time rather than making a blogpost which require a big effort behind it. I experienced it before when people suddenly change their way of sharing to another simple platform as Instagram and proclaim themselves "still" a blogger, but many of them now gradually change their "role" to social media influencers just like what happened when twitter make their smooth landing in social media sphere 5-6 years ago.

But then, i still consider this blogging platform as my main platform, since i proclaim myself as blogger, not influencer. I've taste sudden fame before, when i just hanging around public places, malls everyone would easily recognised me. "...is she Bethanny from afternoon tea and living room?", yes i experienced it before, not because i'm famous, no..it simply because there's still few of fashion/personal style blogger you can blogwalking circa 2009. People in tv industry invited me as their guest, sharing how blog could change my life, or every once in two or three months magazine featured you as "it" blogger, still can't convince you? Better ask other established bloggers you know, they might experienced the same like mine.

There's a beauty in a blogging that i couldn't just push away and go, there's more than just a mere blog post. Blogging teach me patience, because it requires a lot of effort to make progress. Blogging teach me how to stand firm and that's what blogging is all about.

What i wore: 
nikicio femme white blouse/ luna habit
navy cross jumpsuit/ daniel wellington watch/ zara trf pointed heels/ charles & keith bag

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  1. Love your outfit! And by the way I ever felt like you too. I took a break on february until may because I'm too lazy to share in my blog, I don't get "blog spirit" like before. It's not easy to be blogger even I want give up sometimes. :") *just sharing*


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