Exclusive Review : How To Make Sunglasses as Your Ultimate Fashion Staple

11:40 AM

When it comes to accessories, one of my must have item is definitely a sunglasses. Particularly in summer this item would be a hero of the day if i decided to go outside, well usually i wear sunglasses everytime i drive, it helps a lot if your eyes is too sensitive to a bright sunlight. 

I'm a type of person who willingly spend more time on browsing some online shops that specifically offers range of trending eyewear rather than go to mall to find one. Because finding a sunglasses that suit your style might be a tricky one, and mostly it will cost more on the store rather than in online. I googled some online shop and find interesting offers from where they give a 50% off on every order for any glasses frames, glassesprescription sunglasses to trendy sunglasses. 

Back to the topic, when choosing a sunglasses, the first thing that i would consider is how many time i will wear it or what kind of outfit that suit this sunglasses. Because i always expecting more on every stuff i bought, even for a single sunglasses. 

I'm a fan of aviator style sunglasses, imo this kind of sunglasses is match perfectly with anything, any outfit from classy to casual. Somehow this type of sunglasses can proves its ability to be a versatile piece for every outfit that i wear. In this case, i try to pull this aviator style sunglasses with a classy feminine outfit and guess what, this pair of shades really looks great with my outift (you can check out more about the outfit on my next post). A classic 80-ish style combine with modern details which really "in" this season and those metal strip across the top of lenses make it look more sleek.

Here's my top tips when choosing a sunglasses :

1. Pay attention to your face shape, because not every face shape could pull any type of sunglasses frame.
2. Look throughly on every detail of your desired sunglasses, especially on its material quality.
3.Consider about the trend lifespan. Pick something more versatile so it could match any outfit, any trend.
4. Consider about the function! is it useful enough or not

for those who interested to try product, they give a 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (exclude sale frames). You can share what style you would prefer for a fashion sunglasses in comment! I would gladly to response you answer one by one ;)

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