SheIn Exclusive Review: On Trend Now - Pleated Sleeve Blouse

3:05 PM

Hello again to all my blog readers who still have time to read this post. By the way, this is my first blogpost after a 4 months long hiatus, ehmm but we could consider this as first post on 2017 haha. Don't look down at me okay?! At least i try my best to greet you all in my blog, rite?

Well, today i want to share my latest fashion review for one of top-notch fashion online webstore called SheIn (formerly: SheInside). I pick some of the latest trends from their online webstore and i decided to review one of the items on my blog. So please keep scrolling till the end okay :)

From fast moving fashion goods to designer pieces, a volumized pleated sleeves blouse surely become the "it" item this season. A structurized clean cut blouse with the pleated accent creates an ultra-dimentional look which could elevate your whole outfit.

Forget about the cold shoulder blouse or off-shoulder top, because this skinny on bicep and turns into some kind of trumpet around the wrist is the best way to look effortlessly fashionable. Eventhough is pretty much a throwback from the 70's, but this iconic detailing is something you can't simply ignore.

Either casual date or attending a formal event, you can easily nail this look without trying too hard. Just mix it with jeans for casual look or with tailored flare pants for more fashion-conscious look. Don't forget to pair it with your fave statement accessories. The thing that i like most from this blouse is it fit perfectly, great cutting, and not to mention the soft and comfy material.

For you who want to get this fashionable pieces, you can easily find it here ! Don't waste your time to think, grab this piece ASAP because this item is on a limited stock.


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