EXCLUSIVE REVIEW : VIPme.com - Reasons To Fall In Love With All Things Embroidered

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Without any doubt, embroidered is one of fashion staple you need in your wardrobe. As you can see, since last summer Embroidered become the "it" item everyone buy and looking for which still one of the hottest trend that last up until now. So, if you think this trend isn't you kind of investment, better think twice! this trend is def a fashion item worth to have at the moment and there's no way you could escaping it...

Well, you can say monochromatic style keep dominating the whole season from time to time, but there must be some reasons why embroidered could be a non-stop big hit. One of reason why people start to love this trend, is solely because its ability to convey a versatile feeling through touch of ultra-feminine colors and patterns.

maybe some of you think embroidered clothes are the hardest one to pull off, but the reality is you can easily manipulate it with some twist on your shoes or small accessories. To keep it humble, better just to wear a simple accessories or small clean shape bag that match with your dress color.  If you see in my case, i buy a baby blue sheath dress with a domination of red and green embroidered ornament at VIPme.com two weeks ago and i decided to go for a small white solid color sling bag combined with a white converse to simplify the whole outfit. But if you are planning to go for embroidery over embroidery kind of outfit, better remember to mix the heavy embroidered with light embroidered that more subtle and match with the overall ornament.

For those who are into embroidered, i suggest you to find it at VIPme.com since they have a wide range of embroidered trend going on there and they're mostly on sale by now..make sure you use VIPme.com voucher code Bethanny599 to get a $5 off on all order over $50. psst..good deal will never last, better hurry!

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