good or bad makes no differance

6:52 AM

good or bad makes no difference,I was trying to do what I want and what I dreamed, perhaps this is a rocky road start to make me and de.cada.dia understand this tiny world, I am very sorry for the damage to the freebie that I gave to ms. diana rikasari two weeks ago, these whole damages are mine not yours, next time i do careful in choosing raw materials and comfortable design. big apologize to you dee. if the appropiate fabrics found and it sew better, i'll send it to your house again.. sorry for the inconvenience.

my midterm tests result are far from good, make me affraid of my second year study.

hopefully i can pass this problems smoothly.
trying to work harder, learning faster, and never give up.

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  1. oh yaa itu emang voucher urbienya dapet potongan berapaa ka ?

  2. sabila : itu buat setiap pembelian produk bloop endorse urbie nefertiti jewelz minimal 100.000 berlaku kelipatan di urbie jatiwaringin aja bil :)

  3. ayo pudo semangat! uts gw juga not so good. hiks.

  4. ya need to apologize pleaaase? thank you so much, darl! keep rocking!

  5. stand up ka ! I have bad grades too on my report card but i'm not giving up
    SEMANGAT ! Hhehehe btw ayooo kita kapan kapan adain blogger meet :)

  6. vava: iya uas harus bagus va..jia you!
    kak dee : thanks a lot kak dee lots of love for you
    sabila:iya sabila..ayo dong adain blogger meet hhhehehe

  7. yuuuu hehe tapi bulan december aja pas lagi libur pembagian rapot :) hehe


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