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me and my model/my elementary school friend amalia mas'ad. thanks for your kindness and patience. glad to meet you again. long time no see since hmmm for about a year.

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so this is it, my silly and messy artwork ehehhe.

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left hand- de.cada.dia sampler for diana rikasari
right hand- urbie discount vouchers

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i introduce you the urbie ambassadors :D

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the rest... bloggers : gloria agatha, heidy,me,diana rikasari :D
by the way, gloria agatha won the newspapers costume, she's really talented.congratulation gloo :)

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  1. a very cute blog!! congratz on your rated stylish by gogirl! you deserve it girl! i've linked you. maybe u wanna link me back? ;)

  2. febrina : sure dear..thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. congratulations for the featured in gogirl magazine! a great blog you have here :)
    and the urbie event looks fun, i like the wedges you are wearing
    btw i have linked you
    want to link me back ? :D


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Bethannyyyy,would you mind put my link on my name on this post? Hihi. Anyway I had a great time too :) Goodluck w/ everything.

    oxox. Curly.

  6. Kak, you're soo lucky for posing with all urbie ambassador(you, gloria,heidy,diana rikasari).They are my idol!

  7. fhen : thanks for dropping a comment

    amalia mas'ad : thanks for your help.. biggie thanks

    regina : the urbie ambassadors are they who worn the dark purple jacket included me

    gloria is one of competition participant
    heidy is bloop/endorse/urbie stylist
    and diana rikasari is the judge for the competition

  8. pudoooo..selamat yaa ud jd urbie ambassador :D..hihi..aq siy pgn vouchernya tp ga tau dimana urbie,jd tktnya malah ga dipake lg ntar :(..

    waah de.cada.dia ud mulai beraksi yaa do?bakal jual apa aja siy?seru tuh kayaknya..hehehe

    ngmg2 itu di foto ber4 ama gloria,heidy&diana ada tas siapa siyy?ganggu amat..hihihi

  9. kyot kyot kyot..., i thought u r a high school girl dear..., baby face!!! jealous :_( hehehe....
    keep it up putri :x

  10. kak fika : blm kak,masih dlm proses..takut gagal niih

    cindy : nooopeee..aku udah kuliah cind..thanks for the compliment

  11. http://afternoonteaandlivingroom.blogspot.com/2009/11/nikicios-feminity-sidefemme-signature.html?showComment=1297730151210#c7887576310738732867


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