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try to mix and matching my newest stuff, white puffy velvet bodycon, first time i saw this bodycon, i do do do do lovee it, but it seems like doesn't pretty fit in me. what do you think readers?

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Rata Tengah

iconia white puffy velvet bodycon/poison heels-vincci shoes/unbranded grey tights/mom's vintage bag

I decided to sell this white Puffy velvet bodycon, this because i think i wasn't good enough to wear it, for those who are interested to buy this white puffy velvet bodycon, you can contact me (leave a comment on this posting) . i sell it only for IDR 110.000 exclude postage, the actual retail price is 150.000 include postage. i bought it last week at iconia shop ( i guess you definately familiar with this store )

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  1. it looks great actually, but for bodycon dress it's a lil bit larger that your size maybe. You should tighten it.

  2. cool. i love your velvet bodycon, but it's look oversize for me :(

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  4. waduh..waduh cantik banget padahal dirimu pake baju itu put, tapii bener sih agak kegedean :)

    anyway love ur style, and love ur blog!!! awe to the some!!! AWESOME!!! hehehe....

    lam kenal ya dari Elco, hahahaha :p

  5. i LOVE iconia too ka :) hihi
    they have super cool products . Ka michelle ( glisters and blisters ) told me once that her friend is the owner of iconia .
    BTW , always lovin' your hair <3
    i don't really like bodycons coz i look totally weird in them -_-


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