i don't need somebody to teach me how to dress

10:17 AM

first i want to say.. i'm not a typical of fashion blogger who show many branded fashion stuffs with expensive price on my blog

second.. if i want to buy something that related to this blog and to fulfill my fashion desire, i use my own money, not my parent's money

third, i'd love shopping..but most of my fashion stuffs are thrifted..so, if you want to see a blog that show many branded and expensive stuff then..go find another blog out there.

fourth..I am not ashamed to wear thrifted clothes, because I embrace the philosophy "because a man's trash, is another man's treasure". and as you know most of hot fashion stuffs nowdays born of thrift stuffs.

fifth..i have my own style, i wear what i love to wear, not only trends that people create, then don't ever teach me how to dress, you can give me suggests or comments but don't ever teach me. i create my own style not try hard to follow trends.

last..if you love my blog you can follow me, if you're not.. then go away

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  1. I love this blog post!! It is utterly amazing! I am a thrift shopper myself, my blog is called 'thrift me vintage' which you can probably tell by the title is about thrift stores :] I will have random high fashion posts because I do like high fashion, I won't lie. I much rather thrift stores though because they have history and they make me feel beautiful even if they have been worn. Please check out my blog if you can :]

  2. I love this blog. I follow it and I save your picture in my computer . .
    I'm your biggest fans!!!

  3. vintage thread : we have same interest :) thamks for comment my post

    bilqis : hai bilqis such a honor for me,have a fan..thanks thanks

  4. I SUPER DUPER agree with you !! I LOVE thrifting too . You can oftenly see me wearing thrifted stuffs and i DON'T wear high end brands .
    It doesn't matter what you wear , but how you wear

  5. what happened? i love your blog and your style ;)


  6. totally agree with you, I'm a huge fan of thrifted stuff too, since I'm a garage sale and ps.senen hunter :D,,

    what happened dear? is that any negative comment? I love you for being yourself completely

  7. uuuhhyeeahh,totally agree with ur last point! :D

  8. i agree with all of your points and i love your blog so much :)


  9. all : everyone seems love thrifting stuffs here :D same interest,make us more closer

  10. agree with that. something un expensive doen't mean nothing

  11. wow.. what happen beth?? sampe2 mengeluarkan statement kayak gitu?

  12. i agree with you! cool statements! :)
    be your self girl!

  13. i love ur style,u inspiring me girl, we dont have to buy an expensive stuff to be a fashion blogger ,ha?
    i do agree with caca, fashion is about how you wear :)

  14. agree with you..thrifting is fun and it's not a crime.. ^^

  15. you gogirl!!!! gw setuju ma lu put, jangan maksa2 pengen disebut 'high end', thrifted stuff aja kalo yang make secantik n sekeren lu, bisa kalah barang2 branded jutaan tuh, hehe. SEE! nggak selamanya yang high end tuh keren, u know lah!!! hahaha.


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