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My collage friend brought her new asus netbook EeePC flare to class couple weeks ago, Just found out there’s a notebook with an “instant on” feature on it. Amazingly, this asus notebook has it. Fyi, this is the only netbook that has an instant on-technology , new asus EeePC Flare is equipped with ASUS exclusive Super Hybrid Engine II so this allow us to turn on the netbook less than 2 secs. As easy as counting one to two this netbook is ready to use. No more waiting in vain rite?

How convenience to have this handy and very light netbook that have an instant on feature that can be use anytime we need it, just switch it to standby mode, close it , and then re-open it voila! I saw it with my own eyes this netbook ready to use less than 2 second after my friend open it, cool !

I just bought my very first asus netbook last monday, using this netbook in this whole week and I found out that the battery last for over 10 hours in non-stop working mode and it fascinated me !

For some people like me who need to catch up with lot of things from blogging to browsing, from meeting to meeting, and attending lectures from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, this netbook maybe the best choice to have. Because I need my netbook running as fast as it can to catch up with things I need to do.

My asus netbook supported by new platform intel cedar trail with atom processor which able to give a better performance than the previous processor.

waiting for another surprise, how about you?

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