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addicted to online shopping ? i think everybody does.
now online marketplace maybe the best place on earth to sell and buy things, agree?

some people think that online shopping still unsafe place to do a transaction. include me, although i'm a big fan of online shopping and almost of my stuffs are bought online.
 this is true, i've experienced some unpleasant things when buy things online. from bad handling to tricked by the seller but shopping is like a pain killer to me, those unpleasant things won't stop me to buy things online 

okay, talk about shopping....i always want to have a new lens for my EOS, but never find a right place and time to buy it. i've tried several websites that selling second-hand lenses. but then again, kinda afraid when it comes to lens condition, shipping and handling probs even how safe this transaction would be. i know a place at metro atom plaza and harco plaza that sell this lens,
i googled this 50mm f/1.8 canon lens and found out that blibli.com sell the exact lens as ICAM metro atom and harco plaza has.

well, the only weakness of online shopping is we can't see what we want to buy directly..yes?
so, why i still prefer to buy it online via blibli.com ?
first, no need to drive myself to metro atom since jakarta traffic jam the same as hell , and fyi blibli.com offers a free shipping promo and coupon code for their members :p
second, all the products are authentic
third, provide secure online payment
fourth, they provide before sales and after sales costumer service

overall....cheaper than the actual store! believe me

on time shipping and nicely packed ! 

using my new canon 50mm f/1.8 :D

what i wore :
mooie boutique fuchsia peterpan collar lace dress / forever21 sequins fuchsia jacket / juicy couture tote bag / rubi shoes two tone blue-fuchsia wedge

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  1. nice outfit!! really love it from ur jacket, peterpan collar lace dress, and ur stunning wedges. that all so super cool <3


  2. So envious with your new lens! The pictures look great <3 And you look stunning as well! X


  3. sweet and cute with that outfit <3


  4. i had one sparkling outfit in my closet but never use them, you made me wanna try :D

  5. you look so sweet <3 <3


  6. you look sweet! the outfit match quite well together

  7. adore your jacket and your wedges


  8. Great. So you buy everything online. So where usually you go with your so-called fashionably chic outfit? To take some fashionable photo in front of your own house? All the time? Really? Girl, get a life :(


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