1:28 AM

a lot of things going on my mind lately, suffering from the abnormal biological time (when night become my day and vice versa) . seriously,i have to change this bad habit and try to sleep earlier than i used to.
btw,still looking for a real job ( i can't believe i'm still unemployed ) i'm really hoping that i will get a proper job soon :( at least hire me to be your private stylist slash private mandarin tutor eheheeee.
hmmm, what else? hmm, another miserable thing happens.. getting close with the deadline but until now i'm still struggling collecting documents for apply a scholarship ( dear GOD, why so hard to get lecturers recommendation letter,why? oh please don't make things more difficult then they gotta be, pufffff).
but there's a good news, at least for boosting up my black cloudy mood.
 have you heard about DAXON'S VIP FASHION BLOGGER???
this is your precious opportunity to have a collaboration with them as their exclusive blogger, just believe me you won't regret join this program ( count me, i'm already in). get exclusive benefits after joining the program ( pssssssssssssssstttttttt your reward will be waiting for you )

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  1. set your goal. but dont make expectations. and start to find job that you love maybe?

  2. hope u get one soon! love the shoes on ur prev post btw :


  3. keep doing your best.. good luck!

    Btw I tried to sign up the Daxon's vip blogger, but it's only open for UK bloggers :/


  4. me too, always like that on holidays :P


  5. perbanyak posting brand lokal donk biar mendunia

    seperti Tas Batik

    dan Tas Tenun 

  6. Just a little suggestion, if the body text align to the left it'll be easier to read.

    Cheer up & Happy New Year :D


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