11:47 PM

struggling with the bad weather today, so sorry i have to cut the entire outfit post and ended up posting only one outfit photo to this post.

what i wore :
de.cada.dia f/w 2012/2013 grey coat/ uniqlo grey sweater/ djody polkadot shirt/ H&M printed pants/ loafer wedge bought from julong market- beijing/ zorra envelope clutch

just a quick post before hit the bed. 
life seems very hard these days. i've been pretty busy preparing scholarship application to chinese universities and done the graduate program exam at the same time.

stopped by at bookstore to get a copy of latest issue of GOGIRL! magazine (because i want their annualy journal) :D
so i've been keeping a journal since i started forgot about everything and needed a journal to write down all the schedule.thanks to my journal for keeping me on the track, no need to be worry about everything.

see you guys in couple days !

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  1. good luck kakak for the scholarship application

  2. good luck for the aplication! :)

  3. the journal is so cute.
    where did you buy? :)

  4. so, Good luck!

    I love your pants anyway.. :)

  5. Good luck :)

  6. it's been awhile since my last visit to your blogggg, looking effortlessly chic as always! miss youuuuu

  7. There needs to be more tea on here !! Nice blog though.



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