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I think most women tend to get scared for getting unnecessary attention when raising their arms in front of others and will think hundred times before doing that kind of thing. The major reason must be the underarms! Yep count me in, i never ever want people to stare my armpit because the poor-looking underarm, since then I never going out wearing sleeveless shirts or even a tube dress to every occasion. Blame all the armpit waxing and shaving activities that i did for years.

 I’ve heard that Rexona has launched a range of whitening antiperspirant deodorant (dry stick, spray and roll-on) to help women get rid the poor-looking underarms problem in 7 Days, and not just that… it helps whitening the underarms (thanks to the sunflower seed formula). Luckily that Rexona offers me to join their “7 Days Challenge” and I gladly accepted it (bright underarm project officially on!). btw, today already my 3rd day of Rexona 7 days Challenge. There’s a little difference in my underarm after I using Rexona three days in a row. And still… looking forward to see the complete result. 

 My favorite deodorant from Rexona Whitening Series is the one and only deodorant spray. The major advantage (beside the whitening effect) when I replace my daily perspirant deodorant to Rexona Whitening Deodorant. This deodorant proves the ability to keeps the underarm dry and fresh for the next 48 hours after the application.

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