11:50 PM

All wrap for REXONA 7 Days Challenge! Finally found the real solution for my poor-looking underarm. i feel really confident to wear sleevless shirt now ( no sweat, no residue, hello good looking underarm! )

Here's the recap of my REXONA 7 Days Challenge

DAY 1 : 
8 AM in the morning doing a light exercise for 30 mins and no need to worry about sweating

DAY 2 : 
new habit - bring REXONA women whitening anti-perspirant spray anytime, anywhere...

DAY 3 : 
In hurry to pick up mom from her office and do shopping activity (include grocery shop) with mom and had a quick lunch
(feel comfy and started to relax when wearing sleeveless shirt)

DAY 4 :
went to indoor swimming and yes...everyone seems okay with my exposed underarm

DAY 5 : 
REXONA women whitening series = your life saver when it comes to confident (we talk about the freedom to expose the underarm)

DAY 6 :
always bring spare of REXONA women whitening series on my bag ( 24 hours a day 7 days a week ) --> in case me or my friend need one :p eventho this super anti-perspirant already gives us the best protection for almost 24-hours!

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