Rexona 7 days challenge: the result!

11:32 PM

Fyi, almost 80% of women who take on a survey would think twice about raising their arms because their poor-looking underarms. They tend to refrain from going to beach, not doing some physical activities or refuse to going out with friends jut because they don't want people to see their underarms.

On my previous post i already mentioned about REXONA women whitening deodorant series and the 7 days challenge. Btw, it's been three days since i decided to join REXONa "7 Days Challenge" and i am quite amazed that after using this deodorant for several times, those raw and itchy feeling in my underarm gradually decreased. 

I know this is sound ridiculous but you need to believe me that dark skin tone in my underarm changes dramatically.

One thing i highly praised is the smell of the product able to get rid unpleasant sweat smell throughout the day and maintain to block the sweat from breaking out like crazy. Well, i mist say that REXONA really works for those who dealing with a lot activities (mostly outdoor) like me, for example. 

The other reason why i really love REXONA deodorant spray is simply because it didn't leave any stain on my clothes. Still affraid to try? Be calm and don't worry because this product is suitable for all skin types

For someone who suffer from this sweaty underarms situation, i guarantee REXONA will gives you the ultimate remedy for underarm problems. REXONA women whitening deodorant not only gives you the extra protection (whitening effect and lessen skin irritation) but of course it helps to keep your underarms dry and looking "healthier" ( say bye bye tp sweaty and irritate underarms)

Overall, REXONA women whitening deodorant successfully meet my expectation...from the effectiveness, formula, to the packaging. Looking forward to show off my "free-from-irritation&brightened" underarm skin"

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  1. thanks for reviewing. I feel the same too, I like deodorant spray more than the stick ones.
    and wearing deodorant is a must, especially in Jakarta weather.


  2. wuach...
    kerenz nie buat dibaca. . .
    Sambil baca artikel ini, Aku numpang promosi deh !
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  3. Aku juga pakai ini~ Tapi kok di aku, kalau lagi dalam keadaan panas, tetep aja berkeringat XD tapi keringatnya gak bau, wangi2 aja XD gak bau asem XD favoriteku ini <333

    Kalau ada waktu, mampir2 yaaa~ LOVE!

  4. The lasing medium could become contaminated by deuterium gas from the deodorant product, best women's deodorant


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