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Who doesn't know Song Hye Kyo's big hit melodrama "that winter, the wind blows". Hye Kyo's Make up is sponsored by LANEIGE (since she is LANEIGE's brand ambassador), yep... Her flawless look and juicy lips attract many k-netizens attention include me. Since the drama airing in 2013, silk intense lipstick that song hye kyo introduced sold out everywhere include in korea! Daebak!

"Lipstick that demonstrates excellent adherence to the lips with luxurious touch and delivers clear and vivid colors"

1) Absolute Weight Down Tech
Creates its chiffon films to deliver the excellent adherence

2) Air Crush Downsizing Technology
Downsize the size of its pigments by Air Crush Z-mill to enhance its adherence to the skin and create attractive lip makeup with just a touch.

3) Peptide
It's the ingredient that has water-familiar function. It provides immediate hydrating effect and moisturizing to the lips.


Fyi, Silk Intense Lipstick features not only   the "moisturizer" to helps the lips hydrated all day but also the rich and smooth color!

In this post i used LANEIGE Silk Intense Lipstick YR125 spangle that has a rich orange color. Fyi, i just apply the lipstick slightly to my lips and the color blend really well. Even after 4 hours the color still looking okay and not leaving any greasy or sticky feeling

P.S : dear boys please consider this lipstick as a valentine gift for us ;) you won't disappointed to give us such a perfect lipstick. I give you guys a guideline to pick a perfect shade that suit you valentine partner's fave color

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