dunk to the sky

5:51 PM

Many of you have asked about where and how i get this pair of dunk sky hi since most nike's store in Indonesia not selling them. The answer is i bought it online via www.jdsports.co.uk .
Fyi, JD sports fashion is one of famous UK based sports/fashion multibrand store and they also run an online webstore to make the shopping experience more convenient especially for foreign buyer to access a lot of sport/fashion items that couldn't be found anywhere in their country (for example, like me). 

I've been longing for a pair of nike dunk sky hi since last year and i must say it is so hard to find the type or the size here. Browse many of UK's online sports shop but they don't provide international shipping service..finally landed on JD website via googling and found out they selling the latest nike dunk sky hi prints and they accept international shipping service to Indonesia! never been happier than to know that i can purchase a pair of dunk at JD sports fashion and ship it to Indonesia. For you sneakers addict or lovers whatsoever..you should visit JD sports fashion onlinestore, you might end up buying a lot of rare sneakers (since some of the brand like nike and adidas have exclusive items that sold only at JD)

what i wore :
de.cada.dia grey coat/ creme cropped frill top/ pleated creme short/ IIIBeCa by Joy gryson c/o urban icon/ F21 grey legging/ tokyo faux leather snapback/ NIKE dunk sky high print 2014 c/o JD sports fashion

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  1. Super cool sneakers!
    i love it >.<


  2. fabulous post and i love your shoes<3 i'd love to get a pair for myself actually haha! keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing more from ya [;
    and if you're interested, let's follow each other! do let me know!!



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