WAKUWAKU JAPAN - CULTURE: Travelling Alone With Train Lunch (Tohokuepisode)

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happy to know that WAKUWAKU JAPAN can provide us 24/7 access toJapanese TV programs from culture, anime/tokusatsu, drama, film, sports to documentary program. so i would like to share my first experience watching a cultural program on WAKUWAKU JAPAN. the show called "Travelling Alone With Train Lunch", this show already airing every weekdays since february 24th from 7.30 to 8.00 (in case you're not an early riser you can watch the first encore every weekdays 9.30 to 10.00 or the second encore that airs every weekdays 15.00 to 16.00)

this show is an adaption of popular travel comics from Japan that features travel journey using Train Lunch or known as ekiben in japanese. fyi, Ekiden ( Lunch Box) is the current booming trend in Japan . as a digital version of the best seller travelling comics this show captivated many people eyes. on the first 4 episodes a middle age man named Nakahara Daisuke travelling across Japan with train and this time the destination is Tohoku region (Miyagi, Iwate, Aomori, Akita). This is the first time i saw many varieties of japan authentic bento. Since bento means hot meal box, all kind of bento equipped with "heater" inside the package. WOW-ed!

this travelling drama successfully delivers the lead actor's love for food, train and travel to the audience. this one of a kind adventure/travelling drama is worth to watch if you want to know more about japanese culture and culinary with a twist. If you don't really understand japanese, don't worry because every program comes with subtitle in bahasa or english

looking forward to see other programs like Sakura Stories, Rediscover Japan, Japan: Local Town Guides that will be first broadcast on March

still curious with the program? you can visit WAKUWAKU JAPAN website here

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  1. melihat semangat dan perubahan jepang yang semakin dahsyat.Membuat kita harus semakin belajar untuk menyamai negeri sakura ini,waku waku japan.. www.produkglutera.net

  2. Jadi penasaran itu gimana rasanya ya makanannya..
    Di Indonesia ada gak ya?

    Salam dari Blognya @indrathrw


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