LANEIGE blackhead melting gel: the review

11:33 PM

This is my first trial using LANEIGE Blackhead Melting Gel. Beyond excited!

Blakhead is one of common skin problem eery wmen had, include me. I've tried so many nose strip or blackhead cleanser brands but i found that they're not that effective to fight all the sebum and blackheads on my forehead, chin and nose. Those Blackheads still clearly be seen with naked eyes.

Thanks LANEIGE indonesia for gave me a free bottle of LANEIGE blackhead Melting Gel that always be the sold out item every time i go to LANEIGE counter in kota kasablanka (psttt..if the counter runs out the stock you can email directly to division of marketing to help you bought from them and dispatch the product to the counter or your door once the stock available)

Melting Gel containing Keratinase enzyme which effectively melts down dead skin cells like blackhead and easily rollable silicon melting-massager create synergy effect to melt down dead skin cells and blackheads that aare clogging trouble-prone areas of nose and he surrounding areas. 

Keratinase mostly made of Keratin which is effective in dissolving excess dead skin cells and blackhead is superior to AHA, commonly used for dissolving dead skin cells in less damaging but more effective way of melting and removing blackhead clogged poreand dead skin cells. It facilitates skin cell turn-over and changes dark and rough skin surface into smoother and brighter skin.

For the first time application you need to push the a little harder until the gel comes out, 
when you apply the gel on your nose or forehead you will get a heat  

after washing your face at night, pump appropriate amount of melting gel and apply it to the area with blackheads. Massage the area thoroughly with a circular motion.
Wait about 20 seconds for blackheads to melt, and then rinse the gel off thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Repeated applications will be required for severe blackheads, and the gel can be applied to other areas with excessive sebum, including forehead and cheeks.
Recommended use is 3~4 times a week, which can be altered depending on your skin condition.

Before and after application! You can spotted the difference

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