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Last saturday WAKUWAKU JAPAN held a "pre-launch event" called WAKUWAKU JAPAN Music Festival at Jakarta Convention Centre. this live music event featured a music performance by TOP-NOTCH indonesian singers, Afgan and BCL, the most anticipated girlband JKT48 (ambassador of WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel in Indonesia) and freshly imported japanese artist - the super popular group in Asia, FLUMPOOL. 

First performance on stage is JKT48 with their  famous songs like manatsu no sounds good, ponytail to shu-shu, and river. Then followed by Afgan and BCL performance. The climax of this event is FLUMPOOL appearance and JKT48 closing act.
the venue filled with hysteric fans who sing along and scream non-stop while their favorite singer perform on stage. 
 * don't worry! If you missed this event and really want to watch the event you can see it once WAKUWAKU JAPAN broadcasting on 22th february 2014 5:00 p.m. jakarta time or 7:00 p.m japan time*

As we know that Japanese culture and entertaiment widely hipnotize many youngsters in Indonesia. That night at the event, all i can see is the overwhelming excitement from audiences to welcome the new source of Japanese culture and entertainment in Indonesia

SKY Perfect JSAT Corp. - Japan based broadcasting corporation together with MNC Sky Vision bring the new source of non-stop all made-in-Japan content 24/7 "WAKUWAKU JAPAN" to Indonesian viewers, of course in local language. For those who already use a cable tv network indovision or okevision you will be able to watch the broadcast start on 22th Feb

this channel will make you addicted! you can watch wide variety of Japanese broadcast program, let say...from drama, documentary, music, sport, culture to anime or tokusatsu
All you can watch!

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  1. huaaaa can't wait for this channel ><
    I'm such a Japan freak, thanks for sharing!


  2. nice post



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