SULWHASOO: asian wisdom to korean asthetics

12:30 AM

Ms. Nadia the communication manager for SULWHASOO in Indonesia invited me to Amore Pacific Indonesia Headquarter last monday to experience the new commer high-end skin care line in Indonesia --- SULWHASOO (fyi, sulwhasoo is the top notch skincare brand from amore pacific corporation). As a fan of korean skincare brand especially from amore pacific i must say SULWHASOO is the more advance and more expensive version of LANEIGE but the quality is beyond perfect. 

for daily basis i already stick myself with LANEIGE as my one and only skincare. But when sulwhasoo's essential line touched my face for the very first time i could tell that this brand is beyond perfect! 

What makes this high-end skincare brand so special is their philosophy that incorporate the traditional asian wisdom that have been pass through the ages with korean asthetics philosophy to create a well balance and healthy looking skin.

With the blend of that wisdom and modern science, SULWHASOO creating the most finest skincare line using the mixtures of Jaeumdan (5 traditional korean herbs) and jarumboweedan (7 traditional korean herbs) as their signature ingredient. So this is why SULWHASOO smells like a traditional herbal medicine (it will makes you relax when smell the scent, feel like you do a traditional spa)

At first i kinda worry to wear different skincare at the same time, but Ms. Nadia said that sulwhasoo and laneige can be use together and will not affect the effectiveness from both product. So i try to apply SULWHASOO first care activating serum with my LANEIGE white plus renew emulsion and essence, surprisingly they blend well and i don't experiece anything after application. started to have a "feeling" with this brand. Surely will buy another one (but this will be a big investment for my skin hihihi)

fyi, for first sign of ageing or to prevent our skin from extreme dryness SULWHASOO's first care activating serum and essential firming cream are the best combo!

This SULWHASOO holiday sharing kit available for purchase in SULWHASOO counter at Seibu Grand Indonesia

For their best selling first care activating serum available in two size, the standart size 60ml/ 800 IDR 

for anti-ageing line, SULWHASOO offers Timetreasure Line. I want to try but i think my mom should try it first and will ask her opinion about this line.

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