layering in monochrome

11:08 AM

always thinking about having at least one wool skirt in my closet and wear it on the top of basic legging. Monochromatic, layering and color coordinate-centric best describe as my signature style.

always find myself really obsessed with fall/winter outfit. Spending whole day thinking about F/W outfit layering combo that suit jakarta's weather. 

And here we go again..layering in monochrome...

what i wore:
GU japan white sheer shirt/ zara black cropped sweater/ CHICNOVA vintage plaid elastic waist skirt/ Zara sling bag/ F21 navy legging/ black heel boot

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  1. gaya lo berubah ya put!
    hahaha, i've ben watching lately. so different but so refreshing !

  2. Black on black can never go wrong! Love this look so much! <3 xx

  3. I really really like your plaid skirt!! And your cool boots of course!


  4. i love your skirt!
    mind to check my blog?


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