TRESemme x GoGirl #RoadToNewYork #MBFW challenge 2: [REVIEW] DEREK LAM SPRING 2014 RTW

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As an Introduction.. if you don't know who Derek Lam is.

Derek Lam is California-born famous American fashion designer, he graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1990 and began His career in fashion industry since the 90s as an assistant for Michael Kors for 4 years, and travel to Hong Kong to experience different fashion culture for several year before come back to the States.
In 2003, he launched his own label under his name - DEREK LAM and debuted at NYFW fall in september 2003, his career as a new designer reached the top of fashion mountain by winning the CFDA Perry Ellis Swarovski Award for New Designer.

Derek Lam is famous for his clean cutting pieces and great details on each fabric that trully represent his own signature design. this spring 2014 RTW is his way to "celebrate" his rocky-road experience in fashion industry.  

For spring 2014 almost every designer in NYFW came out with sportwear chic theme, mostly influenced by 70's sport-wear era and Derek Lam is one of them. Refreshing gingham pattern that made a big comeback combine with Derek Lam signature cutting (clean and crisp), Lam tend to play more on texture.. This Spring 2014 collection looking more "RTW" by focusing on the minimalism aspect of the clothes and paying more attention to textures. we can spotted the color of spring 2014 like yellow but black white still dominating the scene. Not to mention the dark indigo denim belted dress that stole everyone eyes on the show.

Quoting Lam's explanation for his Spring 2013 collection “the effortlessness of just taking something and wrapping it around the body” in asymmetrical tailoring “Spring, to me, is about style, not necessarily all-out fashion. I thought, what does a woman not have in her wardrobe? Does she have a trench coat or two?”.  he did the same thing for this Spring 2014 collection, i could see clearly his consistency about Spring fashion and he interpreted the simple yet sophisticated theme into this collection.


 I really love how Derek Lam take plain boxy cut top to the higher level  by just using a big buckle belt and not only that, all the details look amazing simply by combine the high gladiator sandals combine with denim coat, and the fringe detail match well with everything from his collection. big appreciation for the balance proportions between his minimalism concept and his "wild" concept (i mean, his wild mind to mixing any kind of good fabrics into one single look and make it "fashion-sense-able). This whole collection really meets his interpretation of 70-ish sporty-elegant. 

source: Fashion TV youtube

talking about the beauty on the runway, this aspect also important delivering the theme and incorporate it into the whole outfit. make up and hair do play a big part to interpret the outfit as one whole complete story. beauty aspect on Derek Lam S'14 show successfully show the story behind his spring collection. for the hair Orlando Pita, the hairstylist doing something similar to Derek Lam's structured minimalism theme for this spring 2014 collection, so the hairstyles can mix easily with the outfit. some of the girls had their hair stay down with a turban tied over top, others looking sleek clean with a low ponytail, we can spotted the other trends like off-center part and  natural wavy texture. for the makeup, the spring trend emphasized in natural look, less make up and Derek Lam beauty team did really well!

source: B-glowing youtube

stay tuned for the next post, because i will do an outfit post inspired by one of DEREK LAM Spring 2014 RTW collection. for this time, please do comment my post or simply sharing this post :) help me win the @TRESemmeID x @ GoGirlmagz #RoadToNewYork #MBFW competition - CLICK HERE TO LIKE 
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