SULWHASOO evenfair perfecting cushion

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i was invited by Ms. Nadia from Amore Pacific Indonesia to experience SULWHASOO private facial day event at Seibu Grand Indonesia last week. during the event i also got a chance to try their newly released perfecting cushion - SULWHASOO evenfair perfecting cushion (this is similar to LANEIGE snow bb soothing cushion, but i will reveal the differences between two of them below...just keep scrolling).

as i mention on my previous post, SULWHASOO is the top notch skincare brand from Amore Pacific Corporation and consider as one of  famous luxury skincare brand from Korea.

pic below : SULWHASOO make up line - EVENFAIR // newly released EVENFAIR perfecting cushion // SULWHASOO SNOWISE line // SULWHASOO ESSENTIAL line

After first trial, i decided to make a review post by comparing LANEIGE snow bb soothing cushion with SULWHASOO evenfair perfecting cushion. well, i know is hard to compare similar item from two different tier of skincare brand. because LANEIGE is a mineral water based skincare and SULWHASOO is a herbal water based skincare, so this two brand is a completely place in different tier.

okay, first.. let's start with the similarities between LANEIGE snow bb soothing cushion and SULWHASOO evenfair perfecting cushion. 

1. the two of them got the same "CUSHION" technology

2. same puff technology - customized puff made from rubycell and polyurethane, 9 times powerful to absorb the moisture than the ordinary puff. Fyi, the puff on SULWHASOO slightly different from LANEIGE (on sulwhasoo they add a micro thin fibre on the surface that will give you a soft sensation when you apply the foundation)

And now let's talk about the differences between these two products...
While laneige using patent white plus renew complexTM with stronh melanin reduction ingredients and y-PGA, sulwhasoo using inner dispersion and unique film-fixing polymer technology

2.main ingredients:
Sulwashoo using a foundation that contain apricot seeds and jaumdan known as herbal water, laneige is using a bb cream that based on water based technology.

3. Shades
sulwashoo comes with more variety of shades than laneige

4. Texture
Laneigw snow bb soothing cushion is more watery and moist that gives a shiny complexion..very different from sulwhasoo, which is a foundation that gives a matte result on the face.

For those who already try laneige snow bb soothing will be surprised when you trying sulwhasoo evenfair perfecting cushion! this is probably the best foundation i've ever try.. i love how this product give a very smooth matte result and covering all the pores on my face, yep the coverage of this product is beyond AH MAZING! not to mention the herbal fragrant gives me a relax feeling when apply the foundation. 

although i try the darker shade for this foundation no.23 medium beige but when i apply the foundation throughly the shade blend really well with my skin tone ( i usually using laneige snow bb soothing cushion no.21 natural beige ), the great thing flaky and cracking occured.

btw, you can get SULWHASOO evenfair perfecting cushion for only IDR 680.000 (include a refill)
get it now at SULWHASOO counter at SEIBU GI, SOGO PS and SOGO MKG

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  1. wahhh baru liat review ini bethany! gw jg barusan ini beli cushion ini tp kek keputihan bgt no. 23 di gue , mgkn ketebelan pakenya dan kulitnya lg item haha.. soalny biasanya pake laneige pore control #21 okay2 aja... shade dari pore control cushion katanya slightly lighter than whitening cushion .. nice review btw!

  2. Great packaging :D


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