What to wear on your homecoming?

12:58 AM

since homecoming is just around the corner..i want to share my personal pick dresses for homecoming event! Scroll down and you might find a dress that suit your style.

this year is the year of 70's and 90's inspired fashion trend. You're probably wondering what kind of dress you have to buy for your homecoming? You can find many vintage homecoming dresses from dressv   

If you want to look stylish but don't want to look overdressed, just pick a simple cutting or details that inspired by 70's or 90's like off shoulder/ halter neck mid-length dress or one shoulder/ peter pan collar mid-length dress with lace detail.

You can find a wide range of homecoming dresses at http://www.dressv.com/

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  1. Being British I have know idea what home coming is? What are you all coming home from?


  2. Nice collection!


  3. Wow, nice dresses!



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