10:20 AM

I imagine this situation for whole week, last week: chit chat, eat and drink with my friend in a cafe without worrying about my thesis progress..and not feeling sick

Reality: stuck in home, doing my thesis proposal for whole week (i'm not really doing that for whole day 24/7, i also watch korean drama to refresh my brain haha) my biological time change 180 degrees.. I sleep from 6 am - 1pm, wake up and doing my usual activities, and still wake up until 6 am on the next day...
and bam....i suddenly collapsed last monday (fyi, that day should be my thesis proposal presentation day)...holy holy, i even can't drive my car because my hand trembling like crazy, cold sweat and dizzy like hell.. So with a heavy heart i need to postpone the presentation and ask to reschedule it. Darn!

another outfit post pics taken with the same background as 3 previous posts... i hate it....really hate it.

what i wore:
Zara faux leather biker jacket/ Wave flap skort c/o icorisio/ uniqlo hitech turtle neck shirt/ zara platform heels

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  1. the camo jacket is cool!!!

  2. love the look!

  3. we have the same jacket <3
    nice outfit


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