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Last week I was invited by SK II to watch their collaboration with Indonesian fashion designers at Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014.
SK II along with Indonesian top notch designers such as Mel Ahyar, Billy Tjong, Andreas Odang, and Hian Tjen showcasing collection inspired by the new packaging for SK II Facial Treatment Essence festive season 2014 that exclusively design by Po-Chih Huang. The designers' collection seamlessly blend with the background of the new design of SK II Facial Treatment Essence.

The design for SK II FTE this year very different from last year. For this year there are four different design that represent four different characters.
(From left to right)

Red tulip the symbol of vitality and dynamism that represents the beauty of passionate life.

Yellow Freesia represents the elegance and a perfect beauty of a woman.

Purple Hydrangea the symbol of compassion represents the beauty of caring and loving.

Green Cypress the root of power and eternity represents the image of wise and charismatic man.

and since the scent of holiday season already feel the atmosphere and we already talk about SK II new limited edition packaging for festive season I think this is the right time to persuade you guys to consider buying a gift package that exclusively arranged by SK II for you, your family and your relatives. I bet many of you think that giving beauty product to someone special is like a waste of money.. Okay, let me make you think twice about it...

Since we all know that SK II well-known for its high quality skin care products, I think that will be a good investment for your loved ones.... Good, radiant skin.. Who doesn't want that right? Personalized gift that match the character of your special someone will make them instantly melting when she/he saw the gift... For me this is going to be a great choice.. Make your choice now and purchase it tomorrow ;)

There are some of the packages you can choose from

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