LZD by Lazada Indonesia : Private Showcase & LZD premium by LazadaIndonesia show at JFW

12:18 AM

After a long anticipated wait...finally LZD by Lazada hit Indonesia market!

LZD is a mix fusion of the hottest trends inspired by the latest international catwalks, trendy and stylish with a touch of vintage influences and the authentic asian trends. LZD aims to make all the girls to create and styling their own signature style and be a true trendsetter.

so, two days before the initial show of LZD premium at Jakarta Fashion Week, LZD by Lazada Indonesia's team invited selected bloggers to met Anne Marie-bodal (Lazada SEA Fashion Creative Director) in person to get an inside scoop of trend forecasting and see LZD collection (private label of Lazada Fashion)...too bad that i missed half of the event because i need to attend my proposal thesis defense 1 hour before the gathering started. as i arrived, all bloggers already finished mix and matching LZD pieces (insert a dozen of broken heart emoji here).

intimate atmosphere, chit and chat with other bloggers while sipping the red wine..honestly, i really enjoyed every detail of the event.

And last Sunday i've got a chance to see LZD premium collection that exclusively design by Anne Marie-bodal and her team at Lazada Fashion. Quite surprised by their well executed show and great collection. The theme is something that related to the fairytale that represent good side "the snow white" and the dark side "maleficent".. Well i prefer to differentiate both of them using the good side and the dark side.. Not the bad side...since there's none of the items is bad for me...

But wait.... I think both of the sides represent something poisonous....because i already got poisoned to buy all the items!!! Hahaha talk about impulsive :p

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