blue heart

8:34 PM

Just wanna share some of my thought these couple months...

1. As you grow old you started to realise that everything will go against your will, started from your personal life to your social life. 

2.Once before i don't really care about people's opinion, but somehow i care about what people talking behind me nowadays and that kind of feeling when you started to think people dislike and even just throw you out from their league it's just kills me.

3.Tbh, I only have few friends and closest friends.. i simply can count just using one hand. I prefer to close my heart to everyone because i do care about myself, i try to protect myself from getting hurt. I can only trust some of my friends and talk comfortably about my problems to them, such a relief i have their shoulder to cry on and their hands to share my happiness.

4. I always think that I'm the type of a girl who will give a 100% my loyalty, faith and trust no matter what.

5. Now I consider myself as someone who standing in between of Introvert and Extrovert people.

what i wore:
New Look waffle high neck/ MDS leafy mini skirt/ Rebecca Minkoff Mac/ Daniel Wellington Watch/ Zara Heels

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