Sponsored Post: World Baking Day, Celebrating with Special Person in MyLife! part 2

3:26 PM

Say a big YAY today! Because the D-day is here..yep, today is World Baking Day! And i bake a healthy heartwarming spinach cheese quiche for my beloved mom..this is also my way to celebrate and saying love for my mom at mother's day! I extremely happy when see my mom expression when eat the quiches...she really likes it! Thanks God hhha

Btw, how about your baking day so far? Are you giving it to your parents, siblings, friends or your lover? Tell me!!! So curious kkkk :D

here are some tips from Emma Kenny!

  1. Having 'me' time is essential for positive mental health. Spending time doing things that inspire you makes you happy. Whether it's baking, walking the dog, salsa dancing or practising meditation, self-activity inspires a positive attitude
  2. Happiness comes from nurturing relationships, so make sure you make time for yours. Whether it's scheduling a date night with your partner, taking the kids to the park or having some cake with a friend, connection is an essential role in happiness
  3. Set yourself goals - make sure you list the things that you want from your life and then note how you intend to achieve them. Setting goals and working towards achieving them makes us feel great about ourselves and ensures you can reflect on your success
  4. Learn to relax. It doesn't matter how be it taking a long soak in the bath, listening to relaxing music, or by going for an energising run; relaxing is essential in happiness. Try to set aside at least twenty minutes a day simply winding down
  5. Learn to be self-full! Before you can make anyone else happy, you need to make sure you are. Look after your own needs first, this way you will have energy for everyone else's 

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