Sponsored Post: World Baking Day, Celebrating with Special Person in MyLife! Part 1

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I love to cook, and i mostly master all kind of foods especially chinese..but when it comes to baking na ahh..don't really like it. I hate baking sweet things. Tbh, it never was that easy for me to accomplish my baking session. I screwed up many times and often failed on my first baking trial even though i cake or cookies. This particular activity requires not only precision skill but also passion to bake. Well, in my 25 year of life I never (at least once) succeed to make a perfect and delicious cake or something sweet like cookies and candy-based cake or pastry...but i don't know why i have much confidence when baking a savory dish (for example: tuna pastry or even pizza).

When i heard this month of may we'll celebrate two exciting events..one is world baking day and the other is mother's day. Suddenly i got an idea to bake savory pastry for my mom to celebrate mother's day and of course world baking day...well mother's day is one week ahead of world baking day and this will be perfect timing to give a surprise. Lot of things going on in my mind right now.. Should i bake something like croissant pastry or something simple like spinach mushroom quiche?

Do you guys have plan to celebrate mother's day by baking-by-yourself cake to be presented to your mom as a gift? or do you have another plan to celebrate world baking day and make a surprise for your precious one? ando oh share your recipe pleaseee ;)

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Bake for someone special! Capture the feeling of giving and the reaction of who received the cake!

If you have no ideas and will like to try, try this World’s Happiest Cake recipe that Blueband has created! The World’s Happiest Cake was created by Blue Band with a focus on the delicious combination and mood-elevating qualities of the key ingredients.
Me time’ +  delicious ingredients + sharing with loved ones =  the Happiest Cake!’


Porsi: 16 potong
Waktu Persiapan: 30 menit

Waktu memasak: 70 menit

225 g Blue Band Cake &Cookie
325 g gula pasir
4 butir telur ayam
250 g tepung terigu self-raising
100 g tepung terigu serbaguna
2 buah jeruk nipis, parut kulitnya
50 g mangga kering, cincang halus
50 g almond keping
50 g kelapa kering

2 buah jeruk lemon, ambil airnya saja
60 g gula pasir

55 g Blue Band Cake & Cookie
175 g gula halus
1-2 sdt susu cair
100 g puree mangga

1. Olesi loyang bulat (diameter 23 cm) dengan Blue Band Cake & Cookie, dan lapisi dengan kertas roti. Panaskan oven hingga bersuhu 170 °C.
2. Kocok Blue Band Cake & Cookie dan gula dengan mixer hingga lembut dan mengembang. Masukkan terlur satu per satu. Masukkan sisa bahan, aduk lipat dengan spatula.
3. Tuangkan adonan ke dalam loyang. Panggang hingga matang selama 70 menit.
4. Keluarkan dari loyang dan biarkan dingin di atas rak kawat.

Masak jus lemon dan gula hingga mendidih dan gula larut. Tuangkan ke seluruh permukaan kue.
1. Kocok hingga lembut Blue Band Cake & Cookie, gula, dan susu.
2. Belah melintang kue menjadi 3. Tangkupkan bersama sambil diselingi isian dan puree mangga.
1. Buat glazur dengan mencampur jus lemon dengan gula halus hingga membentuk cairan yang kental. Tuangkan ke permukaan kue.
2. Hias dengan kacang-kacangan, mangga, kelapa, dan almond.

This post has been sponsored by Blue Band, but all thoughts are my own.

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