Tips & Tricks: All the Secrets to Walk in High Heels Without Pain

4:58 PM

I think there's no such thing as a comfortable high heels, to be honest they hurt my feet really bad, but beauty is pain right?? hahaha. Yea well, i must admit a high heel couldn't beat a sneakers in terms of "comfortable".

But are you a person who wear high heels almost everyday? i guess some tips and tricks from me might help you reduce or even get rid of the pain when wearing your favorite heels. Well, number one mistake that most women probably do when it comes to high heels is they pick the wrong size..and the other things that contribute to the pain they were experiencing when wearing high heels.

here are some tricks you need to know about a perfect pair of high heels for your feet:

Firstly, You need to know your size and your foot type. choose the right size might help you reduce the pain.

Second, pay attention to the type of high heel you want to choose. the heels placement even the sole and heels thickness  thicker the better..if you choose the thicker heels and prefer heels with platform rather than a heels with thin soles i'm pretty sure you will walk comfortably.

And lastly, a shoe cushion will be your savior when your feet are in pain..because shoe cushion will cut off the soreness of your feet, this cushion will also prevent your toes from blisters. 

Btw, now i use KIWI Shoe Passion - a gel type shoe cushion in every pair of my favorite heels. At least this product successfully reduce the pain that caused when wearing a really high heels with a thin soles. I think you guys should try this one and let your feet "talk" for its own. your feet gonna be "smiling" like crazy when you place KIWI Shoe Passion inside your heels.

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