PRODUCT REVIEW: Vitality Detox by Coldpress Indonesia

10:59 PM

Last week i just finished my 3-days detox program from Cold Press Indonesia. Unlike the classic one that i've tried months ago, this time i tried one of their 4 new variants and this one called "vitality detox". I picked this one since i need a full nutrition from fruits to help me "refresh" my body and increasing my stamina after a hectic week full of activities

Beside vitality there still 3 more new variants that Cold Press Indonesia offers, you can choose between power cleanse, skin glow and weight maintenance and anti-ageing detox. Each of detox program has their own benefits and specialties. Power cleanse is made for someone who active and always on-the-go, this program surely will give a complete nutrients and vitamins to help you keep your stamina throughout the day and for someone who wants to maintain their weight and make their skin more glowing you might need skin glow and weight maintenance detox since this program will help you to aim the total body cleanse. Not only that, you can also ask your mom and dad to join a detox program by giving them Anti-Ageing program that packed with Anti-Oxidant to get rid those evil free radicals.

Still can't believe the miracle of detox? Here are some of the benefit you can get if you start your detox program:
1. Decreasing gastric problem
2. A better nutrient absorption
3. Better skin complexion
4. Clean your intestine, kidney and liver
5. Weight loss while energized your body
6. And craving control!

Surprisingly now Cold Press Indonesia comes with a better packaging, nutritions fact and ingredients list on each bottle. This is really good for me as a consumer who want know exactly what's inside my juice bottle.
But don't worry, eventhou they have a new package but this detox program still consist of 18 size 550ml bottles (6 bottles/day) with 6 different juices that will be our meal replacement. 

After complete this 3-days program I feel much better than my previous detox, beyond words there's no migraines, muscle pains even my skin complexion nicer that the day before i start my detox and the most important thing is i feel more energized and more "vibrant"

wanna know more about detox program from Cold Press Indonesia? Visit their website here

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