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God has gifted every human beings a capability to feel and to express themselves, but not every of them capable to freely express every single thing they feel. Especially for women, we all know that every woman has their own feeling, it’s personal and unique. But sadly, approximately only 78% of women feel they can’t fully express themselves as a person, as an individual. 

But it is not that late to turn around, because we can change it all. Start to realize how powerful a feeling could be, realize that every feeling is special and the most important is realize how valueable and important we are to this world, as a woman. Once, there’s a saying.. “a woman’s expression is a gift to the world”, i think that’s completely true. A single expression, from a sad tears, joyful smile to anger for good reason even a praise to support others have a meaningful reason behind it. 

So, why don’t we start make peace for ourselves? Just let go of everything that burden our feeling, Just make every single thing count by enjoy everything you have to the fullest, express it all with a passion in your heart and you’ll definitely make this world even more brighter.

*This post has been sponsored by Ponds, but all the thoughts are my own

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