10:02 PM

so it's been a long time since i haven't been able to post any outfits on this blog.
i've been busy with many things, i got sick, well i got fever, got flu, got allergic in the same week!
this is bad that i got sick because i have to adapting myself to climate transition. i really hate when climate transition comes, it brings a lot of diseases and i just can't fight them.
so i decide to take some rest while i have to catch up with my mid-term test and leave my blogging activity for a moment.

but here i am now :)
so how do you do guys?

btw, de.cada.dia now move to a new home

but our webstore still fixing some problems, we're not ready for serve you but you still can see our full collection on this new webstore. we'll fix all disturbing problems asap. so sorry for the inconvenience

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what i wore :
cotton ink pacific classic shawl as turban/ zara navy longsleeve bodysuit / de.cada.dia pre-fall 2011 pants

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  1. I hope you are okay now! Gorgeous pics :)


  2. fantastic pic! Great blog !

  3. get well soon and good luck for decadadia.. nice turban..:)


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