chocolate beadings

8:51 PM

andreas odang with marissa nasution (brand ambassador of magnum) using his classic modern silhouette cocktail gown with chocolate beading application from real belgian chocolate. this dress shown at CLARA 360° CLARA REVIVAL NIGHT LIGHTS last friday.

treat from magnum lounge before the revival night

andreas odang's collection
(photo courtesy of bethanny putri supriadi)

kle by kleting collection
(photos courtesy of bethanny putri supriadi)

the brilliant mind, tex saverio's collection
(photos courtesy of bethanny putri supriadi)

details : soubrette necklace, de.cada.dia signature coat
courtesy of sonia eryka

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what i wore :
soubrette necklace/nikicio mixte 05 layered dress/de.cada.dia signature trench coat/unbranded textured chocolate socks/ retail therapy kitten clogs

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  1. awesome collection by Tax Saverio and Kle...

  2. Love Andreas Odang print and of course Tex!Voted for you dear.. Good luck

  3. I always adore Kle's collection! Love the pieces <3 Amazing shots and heart your outfit!


  4. Andreas Odang rocks! Lovely pictures :)
    Love your outfit, Bethanny esp your necklace!

    la femme

  5. Nice Collection ....
    Support local Movement.

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  6. the photos are nice, I like it :)

  7. Super lovely blog!



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