#fashion styling 101: stay in style with joggers

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after done with a mini workshop with TIRAJEANS earlier this month, i thought it would be fair enough to share a "mini" knowledge about varsity style and how to do a mix and match the items. There's an item that caught my attention during the workshop....i talk about the one and only...jogger pants!

Many people think that jogger (also known as a sweatpants) is commonly related to a work out or gym attire. Contrary, i thought jogger( regardless of trend) is a must have item for everyone out there.
i bet 5 out of 10 (of my blog readers) have at least one pair of jogger in their closet. But the point is.....sometimes they  don't know how to pair the jogger and combine it into a fashionable combo.
well..sometimes if you want to emphasize something.. First thing that come across your mind is : need have to find a way to make it outstanding.

and now all i could do now is help my readers to find a perfect combo of jogger that suit most of my readers personalities. To be honest, i'm not really good (in shape) when i wearing a pants (include jogger pants) but there are some combo that you can copy and def makes you even more fab in joggers.

Here are some new york based streetstylers who nailed the fab jogger look 

source: compile from google.com (keywords: jogger pants nyfw streetstyle)

For those who have an ideal body shape jogger will makes your appearance  more slimmer..for those who have a petite body or triangle shape body the tips are

1. Choose a slim cut jogger, this helps to
Get a slimmer effect
2. For more slimmer effect you can experiment more with cropped top
3. Avoid to wear hi-top sneakers or sneakers wedges, pick something that will give you extra height effect like a mules heels, sandals with heels or platform heels
4.if you have a hourglass shape better to match your jogger with top that have a lenght to cover your hips or you can cover your big hips with long outerwear 

TIRAJEANS also got some cute combos for you to try...

You can also follow their instagram account @Real_Tirajeans for daily varsity style inspirations! 

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  1. Well, in case you haven't noticed this that men's jogger inspired pants,
    it's a love it or hate it feeling for most. I've been holding out a little longer until recently,
    when the wonderful people asked me to choose a few pieces from their recent collection.


  2. thanks for the inspiration, Beth! <3


  3. Many people think that jogger (also known as a sweatpants) is commonly related to a work out or gym attire. Contrary ... ijoggersmen.blogspot.com

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